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Name Type Description
i18n { closeButtonAriaLabel: string; contentStart: string; contentBox: string; contentEnd: string; }
closable boolean If false, the modal will not render the close button.
size 'default' | 'sm' | 'lg' | 'xl' Sets the overall height and width of the modal and icon based on value
cdsMotion string
cdsMotionChange EventEmitter<string>
ariaModal string
role string
shadowRootOptions { delegatesFocus: boolean; mode: ShadowRootMode; }
focusTrap FocusTrap
topReboundElement HTMLElement
bottomReboundElement HTMLElement
hidden boolean Its recommended to remove or add a focus trap element from the DOM some SSR systems can have technical constraints where the item can only be removed via CSS/hidden.
focusTrapId string
Name Desription
closeChange notify when the user has clicked the close button
Name Description
Content slot for inside the alert
cds-modal-content Content slot for inside the alert
cds-modal-header Content slot for inside the alert
cds-modal-actions Content slot for inside the alert