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Getting started with Clarity Design System

Clarity is an open-source, enterprise-focused design system with a core design principle of inclusion.

Clarity’s designs stem from continuous exploration and research. These designs are built into our Core components and can be used any web application, regardless of the underlying JavaScript framework. Clarity also offers a set of well-designed and implemented data-bound components built on top of Angular, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the industry.

If you are new to Clarity, welcome to the community. Check the list below for how to get started.

How to get started

Contributing to Clarity

The Clarity team welcomes contributions from the community. See our contribution guidelines (opens new window) on GitHub.

Clarity Blog

Clarity regularly blogs about new releases, technical insights, design improvements, and more on our Clarity Medium publication (opens new window). Follow it for important news and information!

Reporting an Issue

Ongoing work and feature requests are tracked using GitHub Issues (opens new window). Please feel free to file an issue.

When submitting issues please provide a minimal app that demonstrates the issue by forking one of the Clarity Stackblitz projects. Since it depends on your issue starting with the correct Clarity version and theme will help us deliver support. You can find all of the StackBlitz templates here (opens new window).

Asking a Question

Ask questions on GitHub Discussions (opens new window) to get help with your project. You can also view previous discussions that might answer your questions or even share news about your successes!