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Datalist is a type of list that becomes contextualized through the selection of extensive pre-defined options. Datalists can contain a custom input value.


Use a datalist when the user needs to choose from a list of items that are long enough for it to be filtered before selection. Or, there are pre-defined options but the user needs the ability to input a custom value for their use case.

Use a datalist to provide a standard set of options but also allow the user to enter a custom value that may not be pre-defined.

Do not confuse a datalist element with the select input. Datalist elements usually have more than 13 options that the user will need to filter or narrow down before making a choice. If there are 3-13 options, consider using the select input.

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Use a datalist:

  • When the user needs to choose from a long list of items to be filtered before selection
  • When there are pre-defined options but the user needs the ability to input a custom value
  • With more than 13 options
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Use a select:

  • When a custom input value is not allowed
  • With 3-13 options


Helper message


Use when interactive.

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Use when selected by a user with an input method, such as mouse or keyboard.

Diasabled message


Use when not interactive. For example, when a user does not have permission to change specific settings.

Invalid character


Use to communicate a user or system error. This validation can happen when the user moves away from the datalist or after attempting to submit a form. For example, to remind the user of a missing selection.

Changes saved


Use to provide real-time feedback immediately after a user’s input.


Datalists are available in vertical, horizontal, and compact layout. See more layout guidelines on the form page.


message text


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Datalist support the use of autocomplete.


Datalist natively supports autocomplete behavior. Users can search and filter while using the datalist component.